Who Are We? 

We are a collective of kins in game on the Dwarrowdelf Server. We come from different backgrounds, and we have many different kin styles. 

What Is Our Purpose?
Our main goal is to create a place where players of all different backgrounds can go to create new ties, find help, meet new people, and have a good time. within the limits of an ever growing social group.

What Is Our Recruitment Policy?
Any kin regardless of size may enter The alliance Of Dwarrowdelf. we hold an open door policy allowing any kin who wishes to join a chance to join.

Can A kin Get Booted From Alliance?
Yes. but it takes a decent amount of complaints. and reasonable cause. It has only happened once. 

Is There Any Requirements?
No. Because were a casual alliance no activity is required as is no participation. any and all events are optional, and placed there as an extra alternative to playing.

If I'm Not Required To Participate how does anything happen?
Simple. For every person who doesn't want to participate, there is typically one who will. Any activity can be attended, and trust me there's alot of different activities.

How Do Events Get Decided?
They dont get decided, they get made, and attended. If you don't notice an event going on that you would Like to attend, make it happen, im sure if you find it interesting others will as well.

Do I need permission to start an event?
No. From Kin Member to Leaders, anyone can start an event at any time, and broadcast it in alliance channel in game, or on the forums, or calendar.

What if I Have a problem with a kin-member in another kin?
I doubt you will, but it happens, there are as in real life several solutions, from mediation, to ignoring.

Who is in charge?
There is no set leader of the alliance at this time. Fulksayyan functions as the over glorified pencil pusher, and founder of alliance, but no one members power is greater then the other. we are all equil in alliance when it comes to ability to perform.

Why don't you have scheduled Meetings?
Meetings happen when there needed, so typically they only happen when a member calls for one. 

Does My Kin get a vote?
No. No voting happens at the kin level. the alliance was set up for the individual members not the kins. Any voting will be nonessential, as everything that can happen, can only happen, if someone makes it happen. if you want something changed there's action. Voting on something wastes time, if you see something you could do to get people involved or events started, then do it. The only votes will be for fun, and typically take place on the alliance site.

Who can use the voice servers?
Anyone. weather there in alliance or not, if your playing with them, they can use it to communicate with you, your in is allowed to have full use of them.

How long does it take to join?
Anywhere from 1 to 5 days. depending on current workload.

How do i apply?
Contact Fulksayyan through lotro forums or in game by mail.

why so big?
The bigger we are the more options we have available to us. unlike a kin, were not limited by one or two events at once, we can hold several large events simultaneously all day. 

How many people can i expect to see on?
we vary between 5 and 40 people online at any time in our in game chat 24/7

is that everyone?
No members have a tendency to leave alliance chat when there busy so there's typically more of us on, you just cant see it.

Ive heard some Bad things about you guys!
I can only say that you alone should be the one to make that decision, with over 1000 members and 16 kins, I would say were ding something right!

I have more questions!

Feel free to contact Fulksayyan in game through mail or lotro forum mail and he will contact you A.S.AP. 

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